Workday and Collaborative Solutions

Collaborative Solutions, a Cognizant Company, is a leading global finance and HR transformation consultancy that leverages world-class cloud solutions to help deliver successful customer outcomes for global Fortune 500 companies, and large and medium-size enterprises across industries.

Our employees are core to our company and our values. Workday provides the ability to offer transparency to our employees.

CFO, Collaborative Solutions

  • Manual and time-consuming processes
  • Misalignment of consultants to projects
  • Too much time determining if requisitions were warranted
  • Under- and over-utilization of resources
  • Difficulty incentivizing consultants
  • Increased speed and accuracy for financial close—from 17 days to 10 days

  • Employee attrition below 5%
  • Significant impact on client satisfaction and cash flow; ability to soft book and staff projects 30 days prior to start
  • Ability to monitor over- or under-utilized jobs
  • Improved ability to open new job requisitions and start sourcing candidates
  • Time and value now captured for 1,000 new projects per year