Workday and BNB

BNB is one of the leading technology consulting services organizations, providing world-class applications and offering a unique model of alliances with leading consulting and software programming companies. Founded in 2003, it is a young and dynamic company with operating offices in Spain, Argentina, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, and the UK.

The system adapts quickly to whatever changes we might see around the corner. It’s a game-changer.

Javier Delgado

Managing Partner

  • Difficult to remain agile, make effective decisions, and deliver a rewarding customer experience while growing
  • Disparate and disconnected finance and human resources systems made it increasingly difficult to monitor business performance, engage with the growing workforce, and change at the speed demanded by clients
  • Had to rely on separate manual systems to monitor client-facing, billable engagements, with little operational visibility into each engagement
  • Difficult to allocate resources to a client project or understand the margin on a project as forecasting was done manually, increasing the risk of errors
  • The use of spreadsheets and manual processes for financial and workforce planning cost a significant amount of time and resources spent on gathering the data from different systems needed for reporting
  • Questions regarding data quality caused delays in budgeting, planning, and forecasting
  • A single system for financial management, HR, and professional services automation
  • A six-month deployment and only one-quarter of the budget spent on the Workday rollout
  • Ability to engage with staff wherever they are in the world and through whichever device they are using
  • A system that adapts quickly to changes
  • Ability to drill down insight into real-time transactions, account statements, and other financial analytics
  • Faster, more informed decision-making for senior management, thanks to one complete view of the business
  • All activity tracked against projects, speeding up time entry and expense reimbursement
  • Insight into forecast resource demand, optimizing resource utilization, and profitable project delivery
  • Employees have a greater degree of autonomy and responsibility, and managers feel more empowered