Commerce Bank achieves enterprise-wide planning all in one place.

“The Workday Adaptive Planning ROI for us is mainly the hundreds of hours we save in creating budgets.”—VP, Talent Management Technology

Workday Adaptive Planning builds on Commerce Bank’s broad suite of Workday products to enable department and business leaders to perform workforce analytics and planning in one, easy-to-navigate system. Department leads rely on Workday to find all the data and process guidance they need. The bank’s workforce planning has improved in many ways:

  • Alignment of budget managers, talent consultants and finance

  • Position-level planning with secure visibility

  • Substantial time savings in planning and approval processes

  • Ability to view in one software tool all the data that matters

Workday Adaptive Planning innovations help us move forward and continuously improve our budget process.

VP, Talent Management Technology

Collaboration made easy.

Today, Commerce Bank’s 133 department leads perform forecasting and workforce planning that align with the bank’s strategy and management processes. Talent managers, finance, HR, and budget managers collaborate and align by using Workday Adaptive Planning. The application draws on workforce data—such as position and payroll details—from the entire Workday suite and other business software. The bank also uses job profiles in Workday Human Capital Management to support workforce planning.

The bank’s first use case for Workday Adaptive Planning is compensation planning. “Once we have captured all the input from the department and business leaders, corporate finance and HR collaborate in Workday Adaptive Planning to gather all needed approvals and ensure that they have a budget to hire against,” Khan explains. “We are also closely aligned with our talent management consultants, so they can better support our leadership.”

Innovations for unique business roles.

Commerce Bank created four user types for Workday Adaptive Planning: the HR technology team, budget-managing department leads, corporate finance, and compensation managers. These roles give planners secure access to exactly the information they need in Workday Adaptive Planning. They can plan and forecast by cost center and position within a cost center in a self-sufficient manner. Khan explains, “Department heads use Workday Adaptive Planning reports, including the reporting we built, to remain in control of the budgeting process.”

Planners benefit from Workday enhancements. Khan says, “With the recent release of Access Rules, we improved the visibility for our business leaders, who now only see information that is pertinent to their budgets.”

Stronger and speedier approvals and reporting.

Department leads can comment on the all-up corporate budget and use standard workflows in Workday Adaptive Planning to modify their planning to reach final approvals from executives and finance. Khan explains, “It’s great that Workday Adaptive Planning lets finance managers report on department leads not just one at a time, but on all 133 of them collectively.” Department leads and talent acquisition partners collaborate on workforce planning within approved budgets. Khan says, “In Workday Adaptive Planning, we give business leaders and their talent management partners clear visibility of the headcount numbers for the year, for a specific call center, or for a business group.”

An intuitive application that gives you time back.

A survey of department leads indicates that Workday Adaptive Planning offers an excellent user experience. “Everyone who responded said the application’s ease of use was phenomenal,” says Khan. Consolidated budget management and reporting in Workday Adaptive Planning is also greatly more efficient. “The number-one thing we get from our investment in Workday is time back,” Khan states. “The Workday Adaptive Planning ROI for us is mainly the hundreds of hours we save in creating budgets. Business leaders have more time to move the bank forward.”

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