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The Opportunity Onramps community has launched a pledge.

In addition to encouraging companies to engage their employees in volunteer workforce development activities through Workforce Week, the Opportunity Onramps community has launched a way for individuals to get involved.

Through this pledge, we’ve set a goal to reach 250,000 committed volunteer hours over the next three years. And every individual can help us reach our goal by bringing their unique set of experiences and tools to this movement. 

A pledge to do more.

Workday and Opportunity@Work are collaborating with Walmart, Symantec, PwC, Salesforce.org, Okta, and LinkedIn to launch the Opportunity Onramps community.

Together, we are committed to use our skills to connect driven individuals from diverse backgrounds with in-demand entry- and mid-level jobs. Our goal? To promote greater inclusivity and diversity within companies across the United States and help everyone gain access to opportunity through meaningful work.

This pledge is just a starting place—it is the beginning, not the end, of our work together to close the opportunity gap for all.