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What is Workforce Week?

Workforce Week is an annual career development event that was first hosted by Workday in 2015. The event connects jobseekers from all walks of life with employees and organizations eager to help them. It grew from our desire to prepare people of all ages for careers in tech and do more for the community.

One week each year, we welcome groups of jobseekers from our partner organizations for career development days at our corporate offices. And we invite you to host a Workforce Week at your organization, too.

Workforce Week guides.

We have the tools to help you make every event a success. Download our guides for full workforce development training resources, including draft agendas, communications, and more.

These guides apply to a single event, but you can host as many groups as you like during Workforce Week at your company.

Hosting students.

Students of all ages can benefit from exposure to exciting career possibilities. Since they may not have a good understanding of the business world yet or know what fields they’re interested in, spend time exposing them to the broad range of jobs that exist within your company and highlighting how a variety of skills contribute to success.

To encourage active participation, design small-group activities. Limit time spent in “lecture” format, since students love real-world challenges and fast-paced activities.

Download toolkit for hosting students >

Hosting Opportunity Youth.

Opportunity Youth describes young adults ages 16 to 24 who aren’t currently connected to work or school. These individuals are motivated, but may not yet have the training or connections to be successful. Many Opportunity Youth programs concentrate on particular career pathways that require highly trainable skill sets but do not require advanced degrees.

For technical careers like cyber security or quality assurance, select volunteers who can speak to the specific career path targeted. When possible, your volunteers should be first-generation college students or come from nontraditional backgrounds. Round out the event with career conversations, panel discussions, and mock interviews.

Download toolkit for hosting Opportunity Youth >

Hosting adult jobseekers.

You may also wish to partner with workforce development programs for adults transitioning to new industries or those who have been unemployed for six months or longer.

For adult jobseekers, choose volunteers who started in a different career path or who have experience hiring from other fields. You may want to have a recruiter presentation, resume or LinkedIn review, and mock interviews. Jobseekers should come with a few copies of their resume and a printout of a job posting for which they’d like to apply.

If you’re working with a specific population (formerly incarcerated, for example), focus on the skills and opportunities most important to your guests and adapt where needed.

Download toolkit for hosting adults >

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