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How did Workforce Week get started?

Workforce Week grew out of our desire to do more than just a corporate “day of service.” Workday wanted to meaningfully contribute to the community and help transform lives by creating career pathways that unleash human potential. So in May 2015, we launched our largest company-wide volunteer effort to benefit jobseekers everywhere. We continue to host Workforce Week annually in May, and we have since added additional events supporting students, opportunity youth, and adult job seekers throughout the year in our many offices.


Why is workforce development important?

Today, millions of middle skill jobs go unfilled, while millions of individuals with an interest in those jobs do not yet have the skills required or access to open roles. Workforce development fills that gap.

By helping high-potential individuals overcome barriers to hiring, workforce development connects talent to opportunity while increasing diversity in tech. And with our Opportunity Onramps movement and Workforce Week events, we’re doing just that.


How can I get involved?

Host your own Workforce Week at your organization. If you need help, we have tools to make the planning process easy, whether you plan to host 10, 100, or 1,000 jobseekers.

If you’re already connecting talent with opportunity, tell us about an event you hosted and stay connected with like-minded employers and nonprofits.


What resources are available for download?

We have a full range of resources and workforce development strategies to help you get started. Download the toolkits for hosting students, opportunity youth, or adult jobseekers to access resources such as:

  • Agenda overview
  • How to identify a nonprofit partner
  • Sample communications—volunteers
  • Sample communications—nonprofit jobseekers
  • Volunteer manual (includes mock interview, career chat, and resume review guides)

Hosted a Workforce Week or plan to?

Tell us about it so we can share our collective impact and connect you with like-minded organizations.