Your session proposal needs to fall into one of the following tracks.


Learn about Workday Financial Management and how it helps you gain complete business insight, make smarter plans, and find the best path toward profitability.

Human Resources

See how Workday Human Capital Management helps you gain visibility into your workforce, keep your people engaged, and help employees grow.


Discover how analytics in Workday can answer critical business questions and prepare your organization for the future.

Payroll and Workforce Management

Find out how to use Workday Payroll, Workday Time Tracking, and Workday Absence Management to streamline processes, reduce risk, and empower employees.


Learn how Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud gives you everything you need to plan smarter, report faster, and analyze better.

Student Administration (U.S. Only)

See how Workday Student delivers a personalized student experience, engages faculty and staff, and leads institutions to greater success.

Services and Support

Experience continuous value through deployment, change management, and feature adoption. This track includes sessions focused on specific industries.


Dive into the innovations that power our applications, including architecture, security, user interface, reporting and analytics, machine learning, Workday Cloud Platform, and more. 

Product Suite

Discover how adopting the entire Workday product suite (Workday Financial Management, Workday HCM, Workday Payroll, and more) helps you improve efficiency and achieve better business outcomes.

Business Management and Industry Trends

Get actionable insights from leaders who are using Workday to optimize their business success.

Learning Levels

Your session proposal needs to fall into one of these learning levels.


Introductory sessions provide an overview of basic use cases, features, and benefits for people who are new to Workday or to specific features.


  • Workday Composite Reports 101: A Beginner's Guide
  • Workday for Mobile: The Employee Experience
  • Getting Started with Worksheets for Ad Hoc Reporting

Intermediate sessions are for an audience with some knowledge of the subject matter but need additional information on technology, design, deployment, or troubleshooting details.


  • Maximize Employee Engagement: Fully Leveraging the Workday Technology Platform
  • Integrating with Workday Student: Strategies for a Successful Deployment
  • Workday Payroll Short Stories: A Payroll Troubleshooting Journey

Advanced sessions cover more detailed use cases and are meant for experienced users with a deep understanding and knowledge of Workday features, configurations, and integrations.


  • How to Use Metadata to Manage Integrations Easily and Effectively
  • Advanced Onboarding: Maximizing the New-Hire Onboarding Experience
  • Driving Increased Calculation Performance in Workday Payroll
All Levels

These sessions are relevant to anyone and include Workday best practices, customer case studies, new features, and business processes.


  • What's New and What's Next in Workday Recruiting
  • Building Efficiency Around Global Job Requisitions and Offers
  • Using Benchmarking in Workday to Drive Business Decisions