Relaunching careers at Workday.

In September 2018, we inaugurated the Workday Returnship Program to help parents and caregivers who put their careers on pause for more than two years get a jumpstart back into the workforce.

During our four-month paid program, experienced professionals get the training, support, and mentorship needed to relaunch their careers. It’s our newest program yet—and we’re thrilled to have such a talented group with us at Workday.

I’m so happy that we’re opening up this opportunity for other caregivers who want to return to not just a job, but a career.

—Rebecca Jorgenson

Project Manager, Workday

Host a Workforce Week™.

Jump-start careers.

Through our annual career development event called Workforce Week, we connect jobseekers—such as caregivers returning to work—-with the organizations eager to help them.

And you can make the same impact by bringing Workforce Week to your organization. Download our toolkit for hosting adults to learn how you can help professionals reignite their careers.

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