David Clarke

Senior Vice President, Technology Development

David Clarke is senior vice president of technology development at Workday. In this role, he oversees the development of Workday’s technology platform, including all of the company’s core transaction processing, reporting, and integration frameworks. He also leads Workday’s technology initiatives, focusing on areas such as the company’s data center infrastructure, public cloud operations, and software development and deployment processes.

Since joining Workday in 2008 through the acquisition of Cape Clear Software, David has helped drive the expansion of Workday’s technology stack as it has grown from supporting dozens of customers and millions of transactions per month to more than 1,350 customers and billions of transactions per month. Prior to Workday, David was co-founder and senior vice president of products at Cape Clear Software. Earlier in his career, David worked in product management leadership at Iona Technologies.

David holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

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