Student Recruiting

Exceed your student recruiting goals.

Predict what’s needed to find and attract ideal student prospects, then guide them through the application process. With Workday Student Recruiting, you can easily understand your most effective campaigns and events.

Use effectiveness reporting to decide which events to continue or end.

Gain full insight into the entire student recruitment funnel with actionable dashboards.

Customize dashboards by role and change them as the student recruitment cycle progresses.

Make campaigns eventful.

Campaign and event management in Workday Student Recruiting handles outreach as well as associated expenses. Recruiters can access event schedules, maps, key prospects, and school data on the go. And directors can make decisions based on event success and expense data.

  • Create campaigns, strategies, and events to reach as many students as possible.
  • Attract prospects with coordinated communications, activities, and other resources.
  • Deliver marketing materials on defined communication cycles.
  • Use worktags to track spend against budget.

Set recruiters up for success.

Easily organize, assign, and manage recruiters using recruiter management functionality.

  • Define regions and other student recruitment criteria.
  • Manage recruiter assignments.
  • Get a 360-degree view of all activities and communications.



A record for everything.

Easily manage prospect records to move applicants through the admissions process and gauge student recruitment success.

  • Enter and manage prospect records using a variety of methods.
  • Identify and merge duplicate records to ensure quality data.
  • Match records automatically or manually.
  • Merge duplicate records generated from various sources.


See all your metrics at a glance.

Workday Student Recruiting comes with built-in dashboards and reports. Everyone—from the VP of enrollment to the recruiter—can monitor the progress and success of student recruitment campaigns, events, and more.

  • Evaluate campaigns to determine effectiveness and other key metrics.
  • Monitor the progress of campaigns, events, and other recruitment activities.
  • Gain deeper insight into student recruitment funnels, cost per prospect, top-yielding regions and events, and more.

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