Student Financials

Unify all student financial transactions.

With Workday Student Financials you gain improved visibility, control, and consistency across all student financial transactions. Our goal is to have you spend less time managing transactions and more time supporting strategic decision making that impacts student success.


Simplify the language and tasks associated with student financial transactions.

Represent all student charge and payment activities in real time.

Student financial account activities in a single, central location. Eliminate logging into multiple systems to manage account activities.

Single view of student financial transactions.

Student financial transactions are difficult to comprehend and manage. Workday Student Financials simplifies how and where students and administrators view financial accounts.

  • Allow anticipated payments to be visible on the student account before disbursement, providing students and administrators accurate insight into the net account balance.
  • Provide staff a central view of all financial obligations where actions can be made within a browser or on a mobile device.
  • Simplify complex language associated with financial obligations by displaying account information with intuitive and familiar terms.
  • Gain accurate, real-time access to student receivables and actuals.
  • Seamlessly unified with Workday Financial Management to provide an accurate and comprehensive view of campus financials.

Let modern technology streamline financial transactions.

All of the rich data in a student’s profile informs the calculation engine to assess charges, apply payments, and disburse a variety of financial assistance programs.

  • Automate student financial processes such as charge assessment and the disbursement of institutional, federal, state, and outside financial assistance programs.
  • Gain flexibility in payment allocation and swapping rules to ensure accuracy and compliance when applying payments to charges.
  • Streamline business processes for refunding financial aid and other payments to students or their parents.
  • Leverage eligibility rules to assign student financial action items such as the statement of financial responsibility.
  • Configure Workday’s robust calculation engine to assign institutionally defined charge and waiver rules.