Financial Aid

A new take on financial aid management.

Forget complex systems and dated business processes. Workday has redesigned financial aid management to make it easier for you and your constituents.

Filter dashboards to identify specific student populations and take action on individuals or cohorts.

Transform daily routines of financial aid officers by giving quick views of financial verification requirements.

Get a timely view of critical tasks and allow decision-makers to prioritize their work.

Workday Student Financial Aid
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Simplify financial aid management and administration.

Streamline the administration of aid programs from federal, state, institutional, and private fund sources.

  • Automate financial aid processes such as cost of attendance, packaging, and verification.
  • Optimize financial aid packaging and repackaging through unique institutional configurations.
  • Allow students and their parents to update and view information and take action throughout the financial aid cycle.

Flexibly package financial aid.

Workday Student Financial Aid accommodates the full spectrum of packaging methods, including need-based, merit, and graduate student support.

  • Process need-based aid using the student's ISIR and determine eligibility for financial support.
  • Use admissions profile and financial aid application data to quickly calculate merit aid or graduate support programs.
  • Optimize enrollment yield models using student recruiting and admissions engagements data.


Streamline compliance.

Automatically maintain regulatory updates related to ISIR files, Pell Grant tables, and Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) files with the Workday cloud delivery. Spend less time updating system requirements and more time on student success.