Academic Advising

Prepare students for what's ahead.

Academic advising from Workday lets you feed academic requirements and enrollment history into the plan—so you can help students chart their path to success.  

Assign advisors to different student cohorts and allow students to have multiple advisors.

View student grades, history, and academic plans all in a single secure system.

Let advisors track academic standing in real time.

Rethink academic planning.

No more paper-driven academic planning processes. With academic advising software from Workday, students can see how they’ll complete their requirements over time and better plan to graduate within their target timeframe.

  • Enable students and advisors to access academic plans anytime, anywhere.
  • Allow administrators, advisors, and students to collaborate and communicate using activity streams.
  • Develop plans across a student’s entire career, not just in the first year or when a program of study is declared.
  • Plan, schedule, and advise in one system.


Set a flexible framework.

Easily define academic requirements to assess a student’s progress, then allow students and advisors to view up-to-date information on any device.

  • Assign requirements to academic units, programs, concentrations, and more.
  • Set requirements at the highest level and have subordinate elements inherit them with a hierarchical framework.
  • Allow subordinate elements within the hierarchy to modify a superior element.
  • Permit or restrict courses to satisfy multiple academic requirements.


Develop great programs of study.

Define programs of study that fully capture a student’s educational objective.

  • Support various programs of study, such as official, undeclared, non-degree, and more.
  • Configure the program area framework to expose meta-majors and group programs spanning across an institution's academic structure.
  • Allow students to choose a focus that’s more narrow than their official program of study.
  • Identify which courses are needed to satisfy academic requirements, and which ones aren’t.