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Future-proof technology for the modern campus.

Students succeed. Institutions thrive. Everybody wins.

Don’t let your decades-old, inflexible systems hold you back. With Workday Student, you can unite your campus under one configurable, easy-to-use application. 

Our student and faculty system works seamlessly with Workday Financial Management, Workday Human Capital Management, and Workday Grants Management—so you can cohesively lead your institution toward success.

Designed by higher education for higher education.

Embedded analytics, dashboards, and scorecards for accurate, real-time insight.

Configurable business processes for keeping up with change.

Anytime, anywhere access to information with native mobile design.

Multi-tenant cloud delivery for easier upgrades and true collaboration.

An academic foundation.

Designed to support your institution’s mission of teaching, learning, and research, Workday Student offers visibility, insight, and prescriptive engagement into every student’s path toward fluid or defined educational objectives.

  • Configure applications to meet your needs rather than conform to a rigid, outdated student information system.
  • Analyze enrollment patterns and at-risk students with built-in analytics and reporting tools.
  • Provide students, faculty, and staff self-service features to manage tasks on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Engage students, faculty, and staff with timely, personalized information through the appropriate medium.

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Student Recruiting.

Workday Student Recruiting organizes the personnel and resources needed to locate and attract ideal student prospects—and delivers marketing messages and materials to guide them through the application process.

  • Outreach more effectively with comprehensive campaign and event management functionality.
  • Maximize effectiveness in the field with recruiter management.
  • Move swiftly through the admissions process and easily measure the overall effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Quickly view the progress and success of campaigns, events, and other recruitment activities with built-in dashboards and delivered reports.

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With Workday Student Admissions, your institution can adapt quickly to change and meet targeted enrollment goals. It enables you to streamline the admissions process, quickly identify challenges facing incoming students, and find prospects that reflect your institution’s goals.

  • Easily establish and track requirements and eligibility for admission.
  • Streamline the typically labor-intensive process of collecting, tracking, and managing online and manual applications and associated materials.
  • Reflect your own acceptance policies and unique offerings with configurable evaluation and admissions business processes.
  • Use faceted reporting and institutionally defined criteria to render decisions individually or en masse to streamline the admissions process.

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Curriculum Management.

Workday Student Curriculum Management helps you create, manage, and maintain the courses or learning units your institution offers, including the unique iterations of each course with course attributes and the necessary taxonomy for IPEDS reporting.

  • Designate and manage eligibility, requisites, preclusions, and restrictions for course offerings.
  • Create and maintain information on tenured and adjunct faculty and teaching assistants to determine appropriate teaching assignments.
  • Allow parameters to control enrollment capacity in courses as well as the relative or absolute size of the wait list. 
  • Make more-informed decisions about adding or canceling course sections with real-time information on course inventory, offerings, and enrollment.

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Student Records.

Workday Student Records provides the ability to support enrolled and former students, faculty, and administrative units for all processes and data related to student academic records. It manages all enrollment-related activities, including various methods of registration, assessment of learning, and completion of educational objectives.

  • Enable students to plan course enrollment and register for courses on a mobile device, as well as address alerts and to-dos needing attention.
  • Manage enrollment verification data and calculate enrollment status (full-time versus part-time) to determine tuition and fee charges and financial aid eligibility.
  • Manage students’ progress toward completion of their educational goals by tracking program and status changes and processes related to conferral of educational credentials.
  • Provide support for courses, learning outcomes, and competencies, including assessment of student performance.

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Academic Advising.

Workday Student Academic Advising helps define your students’ academic requirements, assess progress toward their educational objective, and report on that assessment through status updates and degree audits. The requirement definitions, academic record, and analytics all feed into the plan to help the advisor make recommendations and the student make decisions to optimize their time at the institution.

  • Define academic requirements for an educational objective for every academic entity at the institution and determine how a student has or can meet those requirements.
  • Draw data from the student’s academic status reports, preferences, and “like-student” success patterns to suggest an optimized path toward completing their education objective.
  • Analyze academic records against the defined requirements.
  • Support descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics for academic planning and reporting on various aspects of academic advising, including academic requirements status.

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Financial Aid.

Workday Student Financial Aid assists with the administration of aid programs from federal, state, institutional, and private fund sources, ensuring education accessibility and success for students toward their objectives.

  • Empower students to manage financial aid activities and requirements with the convenience and efficiency of self-service—no more waiting in line or on hold.
  • Manage the business processes surrounding applications for financial aid and validation of data and eligibility.
  • Manage the factors and criteria for automating the awarding of aid, including general eligibility, grade-level limits, and program limits for the institution’s specific packaging methodology.
  • Identify discrepancies among records from the business office, financial aid office, and Department of Education to ensure the appropriate request, receipt, disbursement, or return of funds awarded and paid.

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Student Financials.

Workday Student Financials enables institutions to charge tuition and fees to students, apply payments from a variety of payers, and analyze data to meet the objectives of the bursar, accounting, and finance offices. This unified platform gives accounting and finance departments insight and visibility into details that may have previously been difficult to access, such as calculating the profitability of a campaign or reporting the revenue associated with a specific program of study.

  • Calculate tuition and fees based on criteria relating to the student and program of study by academic time period.
  • Administer refunds/rebates based on student, course, and third-party criteria and requirements/regulations.
  • Identify the student’s monetary transaction activity.
  • Calculate and record revenue recognition by fiscal period.

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