Management Reporting

Gain complete visibility into your business.

Go beyond the basics of financial reporting. With management reporting software from Workday, you get all the business, workforce, and financial information you need.

Management reporting & financial reporting software hero

Make decisions faster with data delivered to any device.

Get a full view of your business with finance and HR data combined.

Drill into data, get the detail you need, and take action as required.

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The new standard for management reporting.

Say goodbye to spreadsheet maintenance and manual processes. Workday delivers key financial, operational, and management insights—so you can make more-informed decisions.

  • Know the current state of your business at all times.
  • Create management reports using the same transactional data from financial statements.
  • Report across any and all aspects of your business.

Learn how Workday Composite Reporting provides the power and flexibility of a spreadsheet, but with enterprise-class performance and control.



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