Financial Planning

Continuous financial planning for a more agile business.

Budget dashboard showing sample budget  and a table for expenses.

What You Can Do

Turn FP&A aspirations into reality.

Only a continuous planning process can keep up with ever-changing business conditions.

With Workday Adaptive Planning connected to Workday Financial Management, you gain a comprehensive view and deeper insight. This allows you to foster greater collaboration across finance.

  • Scenario modeling
  • Variance analysis
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Rolling forecasts
  • Revenue planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial and management reporting
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Model every scenario and quickly respond to change.

Don’t leave financial and operational modeling to static spreadsheets.

Workday Adaptive Planning allows you to build strategic plans for everything from budgeting expenses to forecasting revenue.

Plan continuously.

Rolling forecasts with integrated scenarios keep you a step ahead at all times. Quickly understand your models with visuals that dynamically update.

Plan with confidence.

Don’t react to change—manage it. Our enterprise planning platform lets you analyze variances and course-correct at the pace business demands.

Plan for all outcomes.

Our breakthrough Elastic Hypercube Technology allows you to model just about everything. Leverage virtually unlimited amounts of data, dimensions, and scenarios.

Report in less time, with greater accuracy.

A finance dashboard of showing expenses.
Tailored reports and dashboards.

Run customized reports on KPIs. Workday Adaptive Planning automatically connects to Microsoft® Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, creating highly formatted reports.

Interactive visualizations.

See numbers and charts side by side, as well as variances in a waterfall chart. And when you update the data, the visualization reflects your changes instantly.

Numbers you can trust.

Workday provides a single system of record for the entire office of the CFO, enabling accounting and FP&A to see actuals in real time and plan together as one team.

All your data, together at last.

With data that’s integrated from Workday and other systems, accounting and FP&A gain a single data hub to drive collaborative decision-making.

Populate models with Workday and other data for a full picture.

Automate data flows for reliable data access.

Connect to cloud, on-premise, and data warehouses.

Process tracker dashboard showing tasks and overall progress.

Planning takes a team.

Manage, assign tasks, and track progress at the individual or cross-functional level. And with role-based access to models, everyone can take part in the planning process.

“Workday Adaptive Planning has brought extraordinary value to our business by giving us the power of information to help make better decisions.”

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