Workday and Transurban

Transurban is a road operator company that manages and develops urban toll road networks in Australia and North America. It was founded in 1996, and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). It has core capabilities in network planning and forecasting, operations and customer management, project development and delivery, technology application, and community engagement.

Selecting Workday will help our business grow with speed and grace so that we can be really clever at how we help make our cities great and continue to strengthen communities through transport.

Lisa Tobin

Group Executive for Technology

  • Legacy systems were siloed and approaching end of life
  • Manual paper processes were prone to human error
  • Inaccurate data made reporting and analytics difficult
  • Outdated systems couldn’t support a mobile workforce or scale with  rapid company growth
  • Single source of truth for employee and financial data, providing greater efficiency, better visibility, and improved reporting
  • Greater flexibility, agility, and adaptability to changes
  • New business process maturity better facilitates future growth
  • More seamless collaboration between teams
  • Improved ability to analyze for faster decision-making anytime, anywhere
  • Democratization of data across the organization
  • Teams are better able to focus on strategic activities and reshape roles

Whether it be the year-end results, planning and analysis, or on our procurement operations, Workday has really given greater efficiency back into the organization so that people can now be focused on where they can create value.

Adam Watson