We trust our data. Workday is the single source of truth for anything to do with our people.

Kathryn Heywood

Director of HR Operations and Resourcing

  • Disparate and nonintegrated HR systems 
  • Complex manual and Excel-driven HR processes 
  • Poor visibility and limited reporting capability 
  • Out-of-date user interfaces and minimal self-service
  • Migrated 7 historical systems into Workday, with 13 integrations in 6 months
  • Realized more than 90 percent user adoption within the first month
  • Reduced average time to hire by 10 percent—now just 33 days
  • Increased internal referrals from 5 percent to 13 percent, taking direct hiring to 44 percent
  • Reduced recruitment agency spend from 13 percent to 8 percent
  • Presented a single source of HR data and real-time insights
  • Provided a flexible, adaptable system that supports company growth