Workday and Southern Cross Health Society

Southern Cross Health Society (SCHS) opened for business in 1961 as New Zealand’s first health insurer. Now almost 60 years later, it has grown to become the country’s largest health insurer with more than 880,000 members. As a not-for-profit Friendly Society, SCHS is committed to advancing the health and well-being of New Zealanders.

I’m looking forward to people being able to see alternative career pathways and plan their skills development to match gaps in our workforce.

Chief People & Strategy Officer

  • Bespoke applications that didn’t “talk” to each other
  • Manual spreadsheets for processes, such as remuneration reviews; even simple reporting created a heavy administrative load
  • Leaders couldn’t easily access the information needed to manage their teams effectively
  • Enhanced HR efficiency and effectiveness
  • Critical decisions underpinned by data and analytics
  • Visibility of the workforce in its entirety
  • Seamless integration with existing payroll system
  • Automated behind-the-scenes reporting
  • Data access at the touch of a button for leaders
  • Set and forget compliance training and recording