Workday and 7-Eleven Australia

7-Eleven Australia is Australia’s first choice in convenience. The first Australian store was opened in August 1977. Today, 7-Eleven Australia operates more than 700 stores in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, and Western Australia.

Workday aligns very strongly to our company values. They're bold, they care about the customer and they're innovative. We also knew Workday would push us to embrace continuous improvement.

Christine Davall

Head of HR Performance, People, and Communications

  • No single source of employee data to make more insightful business decisions

  • Everything was manual and paper-based; systems didn’t connect to each other

  • Data was often incomplete, and reporting was limited and time-consuming

  • Outdated people systems and processes cannot meet 7-Eleven’s heightened customer-centric strategy

  • A single view of employee data 

  • Fast, easy compliance capabilities to support staff on visas

  • A streamlined, digitized, user-friendly employee experience 

  • Self-service functionality for managers and directors

  • Transparent data with strong analytics and enhanced reporting capabilities

  • Improved decision-making to support talent development and performance