Workday and ME Bank

ME is an Australian direct bank with a mission to help Australians get ahead financially. Owned by 26 industry super funds, the 1,600-employee business is headquartered in Melbourne and engages with its customers online, by telephone, and through mobile bankers, brokers, and industry super-fund and union networks.

With more sophisticated systems in place, we are able to better manage our fast-growing bank. We aspire to continue to grow in relevance and sophistication, and to be increasingly innovative in the way we service our customers, who we put first.

Melanie Simpson

Group Executive, People Experience

  • Legacy systems with manual processes that didn’t scale.
  • Labor-intensive process around resource allocation and reorganization planning
  • No single source of truth to analyze data
  • Excessive manual processes and duplicated work


  • Fast and smooth deployment only took 9 months
  • One login to access all data
  • Dashboard reporting for easy access of real-time data
  • Quick and easy decision-making capabilities
  • Cloud-based system with strong security
  • Accessible data anytime from anywhere with mobile app functionality