Workday and Flinders University

Flinders is a leading international university in Australia with a record of excellence and innovation in teaching, research, and community engagement. For over 50 years, Flinders has been a center of inspiring achievement from its pioneering research and excellence in teaching to the positive impact it has in the communities it serves.

Workday is built on the shoulders of giants. It’s that one platform that’s making things seamless. It’s making you use your products at work, like you are using them at home.

Kerrie Campbell

Chief Information Officer

  • Disparate legacy systems lead to complex and manual processes 

  • No single view of the workforce 

  • Lengthy report creation

  • Limited analytics, data integrity issues, lack of visibility, errors, and poor employee experience 

  • Too much time spent by managers on administrative tasks

  • Global and scalable unified solution for more streamlined processes

  • Data-driven analytics framework for enhanced decision-making

  • A single employee experience

  • Built-in reporting and actionable insights

  • A shift for HR from a transactional focus to a more strategic role

  • Consolidated HR framework across campuses