Workday and Cloudator

Cloudator is a Workday deployment partner and provider of the multi-country and cloud-based Cloudator Payroll system. The company was founded in 2011, and is headquartered in Finland with 9 offices globally. Deloitte recognized Cloudator as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Finland, and the business continues to expand into new countries and regions as the company matures.

We are growing and expanding geographically at a fast pace. As we go into a new country, we adopt Workday immediately. Workday is part of our DNA.

Jarko Uzal

Founder & CEO

  • Difficulty consolidating data for reporting
  • Limited controls and visibility into business performance

  • Lack of standardized finance and HR operations

  • Enhanced reporting, consolidations, and invoicing 
  • Increased usability, controls, and visibility 

  • Twelve applications consolidated into one 

  • Improved ability to manage projects and forecast future skill requirements