Analytics and reporting that helps finance drive strategy.

Financial insight discovery board showing charts for revenue trending by product line and revenue by customer.


Meet all your analytics and reporting needs.

Workday brings all the financial, workforce and operational data you need together in one secure place.

You can uncover, analyse and distribute financial insights at lightning speed. And when it’s time to report, you can create reports easily too.

  • Unlimited dimensionality and detail
  • Secure data distribution
  • Diverse data source blending
  • Internal and external reporting
  • Fewer manual reconciliations
  • Automated analytics benchmarks

Gain a complete view of performance.

Financial accounting results dashboard showing income statement and quarterly expense analysis.
Blend any data source.

Combine transactional, operational, benchmark and planning data to get a complete view of the business.

See Shelter Insurance’s Approach

Compare your most important company metrics with other Workday customers – all within Workday.

Explore Benchmarking

Explore any detail – across any dimension – to fully understand exactly what happened when, where and why.

Give finance its own self-service data hub, complete with data preparation, management and governance.

Explore Data Hub

Guide with trusted insights.

Give your teams the insight needed to make better decisions while keeping security intact. 

Just set up security once. Then distribute financial, operational and management visualisations and reports to executives and leaders. Everyone will only see what they’re supposed to see.

“[We’re] able to provide personalised insights to managers, practice leads and executives on future staffing, capacity and revenue.”

Financial analytics and reporting worklets showing revenue and types of reports that can be generated.

Accurate reports from the get-go.

Automatically create everything from internal reports to external regulatory statements in one system. This means no patchwork databases and analytics tools. No reconciliations. Just precise reports and strategic recommendations.

“Automated process for calculating more than 100 metrics for corporate goals and progress reporting.”

Florida Atlantic University uses Workday’s Financial Management cloud platform.

Go from analysis to action.

The moment analysis is complete, your teams can perform adjustments and edits or provide feedback directly in the system. And leaders can use that information to act and keep pace with change.

Accessed all institutional data in one platform to inform decisions. 

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