Deploy Workday quickly and efficiently

The expertise that Workday’s ecosystem offers is unmatched. Each one of our consultants has access to the same methodology and tools to provide consistency whether you work with Workday or one of our ecosystem partners.

The Power of One

The Power of One describes our ability to create a common customer experience on a single version of our software. We all collaborate to make it better, so if one customer finds a bug, everyone has the same bug and we usually fix it before many other customers discover it. When one customer needs a new capability, we collect and share design ideas in our web-based customer community to create better software for every customer, not just one customer.

Technology advantage

Many of our customers are faced with a pace of change that is accelerating like never before. That’s on top of the demand to drive new innovation, a better customer experience and more efficiency. And, it’s all happening at once, creating significant challenges for decision makers. Because of the way Workday is designed, our consultants have a significant advantage in configuring your Workday tenant. This ensures that your organisation gets the functionality it needs faster than older legacy software environments.

Think differently. Act differently.

Workday has created a smarter, faster and more successful way to engage and work with customers during their initial and subsequent deployments. We take a different approach to any other software vendor. And because of this, we can act in a much more collaborative fashion with our customers and our partners. This high customer satisfaction rating of 98 per cent supports this.

Collaborative ecosystem

Workday works closely and collaboratively with our partner ecosystem to ensure customers have the resources they need to successfully deploy Workday. Each of our partners' consultants goes through rigorous training and certification before they ever participate in a Workday project team.

About Workday consultants

Although Workday’s consulting organisation is not a systems integrator, we do have a talented and robust team of consultants for those times that require us to participate in our customers' success. Our consultants’ expertise is unmatched across the industry.

Project governance (DA)

Experts with vast experience in Workday and project management enable high-quality deployments. Based on lessons learned from prior Workday deployments, our experts will validate that your project adheres to the Workday Deployment Methodology.

Deploy efficiently

Workday Services has perfected its deployment methodology and has created a number of unique services to support your rolling adoption plan.

Deployment success

70 per cent of our customers are in production, 85 per cent have gone live in less than a year. Our competitors likely cannot say this about their deployments, and we’re confident they won’t have the understanding of their customer base like we do. And with this insight comes more efficiency and better decision-making.

Methodology and tools

Workday’s deployment approach is proven and built specifically for the cloud. All deployments follow the Workday accelerated deployment methodology.