Workday and Syncron

Syncron develops cloud solutions to empower the world’s leading manufacturers to deliver exceptional after-sales service experience.

Founded in 1999, Syncron is headquartered in Stockholm, with 400-plus employees across 12 global offices. 

The business enjoyed 20 per cent compound annual growth over 5 years to 2020,  generating EUR45m in revenue.

My CFO and I agree: until you stop and reflect, you don’t realise just how efficient Workday is.

Group Chief Accountant

  • Rapid rate of growth
  • Integral part of the industry-wide shift from a product sales-centric aftermarket to a new as-a-service model
  • Legacy software was hard to use and not fit for purpose
  • Newly established HR team needed formalised tools to support the business


  • Built a single version of truth for financials and HR with excellent data quality
  • Accelerated closing periods by 28%, shaving up to 2 days off a 7-day process
  • More reliable reporting with 380 bespoke customer reports generated monthly and instant access to key data across HR and finance



See the infographic to learn how Syncron has benefited from Workday.