24 April 2024
Sommerro House

Workday Elevate is your chance to see how Workday is helping organisations shape the future of work. See what we’ve got lined up for you below.

Elevate Oslo Agenda 2024
  • Registration and lunch
  • Workday Regional Welcome
    • Karin Hagman

      Karin Hagman

      Regional Vice President Nordics, Workday

    • Jonathan Randle

      Jonathan Randle

      Vice President, EMEA, Workday

  • Workday Innovation Keynote: Beyond the AI Hype - What to expect from vendors
    • Dave Sohigian

      Dave Sohigian

      Global CTO, Workday

  • External Keynote: Artificial intelligence beyond the fog of hype and hysteria
    • Elin Hauge

      Elin Hauge

      AI and Business Strategist

    The launch of chatGPT made artificial intelligence (AI), and in particular generative AI, the hottest topic of 2023. Everybody has an opinion about it, ranging from starstruck awe to existential fear. At the same time, authorities and business professionals alike predict that artificial intelligence will be the single most important factor in innovation and increased value-creation in the coming decade.


    In this talk, Elin guides the audience through the fog of hype and hysteria and explains how mathematics and statistics applied to large amounts of data can automate tasks and processes, completely change business models, redefine search and research, and fuel innovation of new products and services. She then invites the audience to reflect on the flip-sides of artificial intelligence, such as responsibility, accountability, discriminatory practices, cyber security, and sustainability.

  • Networking break and expo activities
  • Customer Spotlight From Traditional to Agile HR: A digitalization Journey Focused on Creating Value
    • Silje Kristin Berge

      Silje Kristin Berge

      Manager HR Tech, Sopra Steria

    • Hanne Corneliussen

      Hanne Corneliussen

      Director HR Core, Compliance and Digital, Sopra Steria

    Discover Sopra Steria's HR transformation journey and accomplishments in the first year after going live with Workday. Gain insight into how adopting an agile methodology and focusing on user experience creates value for the organization.

  • Customer Spotlight Maximising value from your Workday deployment - 3 implementations's Kongsberg’s top tips to your HR team
    • Ingvild De lacovo

      Ingvild De lacovo

      Manager - HR Optimisation, Kongsberg

    We’re at a pivotal period when it comes to global HR transformation but in order for it to be effective, the deployment process must be given careful consideration. Looking back at three (!) implementations and with the benefit of hindsight, find out the key challenges Kongsberg faced in our Workday journey and the strategies we learned was needed to overcome them.

  • Skills based Talent Management: How is it unlocked and why is it important?
    • Filip Gilbert

      Filip Gilbert

      Managing Director, Accenture

    Skills are the future of how business leaders will organize and understand their workforce. Explore how you can build people-first strategies, operational efficiencies and an elevated experience for upskilling, reskilling, flexibly forming teams, and hiring and onboarding. Optimize your talent and transform the skills and expertise of your workforce to win.

  • Improving the feedback loop with employee listening
    • Michael Dean

      Michael Dean

      Director, Product Strategy, Talent and Skills Strategy, Workday

    • Oda Dregelid

      Oda Dregelid

      VP People Tech & Analytics, Wallenius Wilhelmsen

  • EU Pay Transparency Directive at a glance: Are you ready?
    • Patrizia Biscaro

      Patrizia Biscaro

      HR and Workforce Transformation Consultant, Alight

    Join us for a comprehensive overview of the EU Pay Transparency Directive, exploring key insights and implications for businesses. We'll discuss the directive's core elements, its impact on compensation practices, and practical steps to ensure compliance.

  • Innovation: Making life better and easier for Workday customer
    • Melchior Gustafsson

      Melchior Gustafsson

      HCM Capability Lead, Kainos

    Workday in itself was born as an technological and organisational innovation - created to make your life as a complex organisational entity better and easier. Join this session to learn about more innovations in addition to Workday and discover how we are helping customers go live with HCM within 4 weeks.

  • Mapping your employee journeys before your HRIT implementation
    • Adrianne van den Oetelaar

      Adrianne van den Oetelaar

      Managing Consultant & Senior Project Manager, SuccessDay

    Traditional HRIT implementations begin with modular design sessions, often overlooking the future target operating model. Join SuccessDay to see how you can map employee journeys aligned with your company values for smoother implementation.

  • Securing the Digital Frontier: Workday’s Vision for Data Security & Compliance
    • Monica Galiano

      Monica Galiano

      Principal Information Security Architect, Workday

    Dive into Workday’s robust strategies for data privacy and compliance, presented by our Global Trust Team. Spanning every continent, our experts share insights on safeguarding customer data in today’s complex digital environment. This session will highlight our advanced techniques and global policies that ensure your data is not only secure but also adheres to the latest regulatory standards. Discover how Workday leads in privacy and compliance, providing peace of mind in a world of ever-evolving data challenges.

  • Learning what really matters to your people: Reversing a decline in engagement through better listening
    • Michael Dean

      Michael Dean

      Director, Product Strategy, Talent and Skills Strategy, Workday

    The overwhelming volume and pace of change negatively impacts employees' engagement, company culture and puts managers in a tight spot. Managers lack the skills and tools required to thrive amidst adversity - resulting in disjointed strategies and regrettable attrition. Learn how Workday empowers managers with proven strategies designed to unlock manager and employee effectiveness.

  • Financial outperformance and M&A execution
    • Joakim Coker

      Joakim Coker

      Senior Value Manager, Workday

    Companies that use Workday have a track record of financially outperforming their peers. Our Value Management team will present how Workday has enabled revenue growth & profitability improvement, and M&A case studies will be used as proof points.

  • Workday Extend - From Idea to Successful Implementation and Beyond
    • Melchior Gustafsson

      Melchior Gustafsson

      Capability Lead, Kainos

    Join Kainos as they unveil concrete examples of how your peers have taken the first step towards: ideas, mock-ups, benefit/cost analysis, and then successfully implementing Extend in their organisations.

    With an unparalleled wealth of experience gained from collaborating with 100 Workday clients and building 150 Extend applications, this isn't just a talk—it's a game-changer. Seize the chance to gain invaluable insights from Kainos's real-world triumphs and witness first-hand the remarkable benefits and successes that organisations are achieving through Workday Extend.

  • Embarking on the Journey to Become a Skills-Based Organization
    • Adam Goldsmith

      Manager, HR Transformation, Deloitte

    • Liv Anette Norland

      Liv Anette Norland

      Leading Professional - People Development, Equinor

  • Workday Rock Star Award
  • Networking and drinks reception

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