Professional Services Automation

Streamline your entire project life cycle.

Workday Professional Services Automation (PSA) supports the complete billable project life cycle – all within a single cloud-based system.

Workday Professional Services software hero

View P&L to understand revenue and margin by customer, project, worker, and more.

Evaluate project portfolio health and act on real-time insights to align different teams and make better decisions.

Manage unstaffed billable positions to keep projects on track and avoid revenue leakage.

Optimise resource utilisation through drill-down capabilities to all-encompassing talent and project data.

Put the right people on the right projects.

With HCM, workforce planning, recruiting, learning, and talent management working together seamlessly – all from one system – you can access all-encompassing talent data and build effective project teams.

  • Enable resource managers to define their desired roles and find and hire talent within or outside of your organisation.
  • Follow consultants as they complete projects and track their skill acquisition to improve staffing decisions and reduce attrition.
  • Allow consultants to view current assignments and upcoming opportunities, and select projects based on their interests and more.
  • Harness big data and machine learning to predict attrition, identify at-risk performers, and take recommended actions to retain key resources.
  • Optimise project plans with built-in, dynamic resource forecasting and utilisation reports.

Improve efficiency and profitability.

Optimise project delivery, resource utilisation, and financial management with a single system. Workday not only helps you eliminate reconciliation, but also accelerates collaboration with built-in contextual chat.

  • Pull data from Salesforce and other CRMs into Workday to streamline quote-to-cash automation.
  • Plan, staff, track, budget, forecast, and analyse projects dynamically with real-time data.
  • Model all types of projects, including product development, campaigns, client service delivery, grants, and more.
  • Consolidate all project activities into one plan for holistic financial and workforce planning.
  • Strengthen control through configurable workflows for reviews, approvals, and alerts to project changes and KPIs.

Automate project billing and advance financial management.

Workday PSA is unified with Workday Financial Management for automated and comprehensive billing, revenue recognition, profitability analysis, and financial reporting.

  • Provide built-in support to both new and old revenue recognition standards with dual reporting and robust analytics for various revenue scenarios.
  • Perform all types of project accounting, profitability analysis, and financial reporting.
  • Support various billing arrangements, including time and materials, fixed-fee, prepaid, usage-based, subscription, milestone, and more.
  • Enable dynamic aggregation, reporting, and analysis of project information from a variety of angles using worktags – our proprietary technology.
  • Strengthen control and compliance with always-on audits that self-document changes as they happen.

Power a mobile workforce.

Improve productivity and speed up reimbursements with mobile time and expense entry.

  • Enter time and expenses from anywhere for faster reimbursements.
  • Support multi-jurisdiction taxation to reduce errors and manual adjustments.
  • View always-fresh data on a project’s progress, time, and spend, as well as plans and risks.
  • Edit project progress, alter start and end dates, mark tasks as complete, and communicate with your team while on the go.
  • Drill down into embedded data across the Workday technology platform, including bookings, profitability, resource demand, and more.

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