Unlock richer insights. Drive business performance.

Gain greater efficiency, maximise productivity, and stay ahead of the competition. With Workday Prism Analytics, you get the operational insights needed to improve strategic financial and HR decisions.

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Create reports, dashboards, and scorecards with operational data.

Drill down into data and share it with anyone on any device.

Improve financial performance.

Answer your strategic financial questions more reliably and securely than ever before. Workday Prism Analytics enables you to enrich financial data with operational data for a complete view of business performance.

  • Improve product and service revenue mix with a detailed view on unit performance.
  • Allocate resources more efficiently with detailed insight based on results from regions, stores, or managers.
  • Drive greater profits by understanding promotional effectiveness.
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Achieve greater outcomes with people analytics.

Understand performance, training effectiveness, staffing demands, and so much more. With Workday, you can use people analytics to run your business better than ever.

  • Use operational data to gain rich productivity insights with a deeper understanding of output.
  • Align staffing and hiring needs by analysing capacity with customer demand data.
  • Improve customer retention by using customer satisfaction survey data for analysis with employee turnover and performance.


Data discovery.*

Soon, business users will be able to perform ad hoc visual analysis. You’ll be able to drag dimensions into visual drop zones to create dashboards, adjust chart structures, add filters, and dissect data at the speed of thought.



*Data discovery – Important notice

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