Create strategic workforce plans.

Get the collaborative tools and insight your organisation needs to build smarter workforce plans. With workforce planning from Workday, you can make better decisions and meet your business goals.

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Plan your entire workforce, including contingent employees.

Align your strategic workforce planning goals with diversity initiatives.

Combine planning with operational reporting to see into your talent pipeline.

Make Workforce Planning a Daily Practice
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Strategic Workforce Planning Step 1: Assess
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Strategic Workforce Planning Step 2: Analyse
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Measure performance and take action directly.

Do you have a hiring issue? Are you on track to meet your headcount goals? What are the financial impacts of a planned reorg? Workforce planning software from Workday enables you to answer these questions and more.

  • Understand your workforce – its skills, costs, location, and performance.
  • Create dynamic and flexible headcount plans.
  • Identify problems and implement strategies to address them.
  • Close talent gaps and stay on track to meet your goals.

View your metrics at a glance.

Get an easy-to-understand overview of your organisation’s health with scorecards from Workday.

  • Monitor important metrics, such as turnover and engagement.
  • View trends, targets, and comments to gain additional context.
  • See which recommended actions to take based on your data.
  • View a snapshot of your entire organisation or a single department.

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Strategic Workforce Planning – Step 3: Act