Talent Management

Make talent your business

Your people are the key to growing your organisation and successfully navigating constant change. Align your talent with your goals, reward great work, and develop tomorrow’s leaders, all from a single, unified system. With Workday Talent Management, you can invest in your people and the future of your business, so that you’re ready for what’s next.

Understand the strength of your teams to help focus your planning efforts.

Gain insight into the hiring source of your top performers so you can target your recruiting efforts.

Know which succession plans are at risk and drill down into the plan to see why.

Identify retention risk and take action to retain key talent before it’s too late.

Make day one count

Workday Onboarding helps you welcome new hires, increase first‐day productivity, and streamline administration so new employees hit the ground running.

  • Assign pre-reading material and new‐hire checklists to help people get up to speed quickly.
  • Streamline administration processes by eliminating the paperwork used to collect employee information.

Set goals that inspire your team

With Workday Goal Management, you can establish, cascade, and assess your business goals, giving you maximum alignment and increased engagement across your business.

  • Foster engagement by establishing individual goals that align with organisational or manager goals.
  • Create goals from any device for increased productivity.
  • Encourage continuous collaboration through social capabilities and comments on goals.
  • Configure goal templates to meet your organisation’s unique needs.  

Motivate your people to do their best work

Workday’s performance management framework allows you to configure a variety of templates (periodic or continuous) to evaluate your global workforce and unlock its potential.

  • Increase consistency across your organisation while meeting local requirements.
  • Foster a collaborative dialogue between employees and managers.
  • Configure your review process to meet your unique needs.
  • Request or give feedback at any time for a comprehensive picture of performance.
  • Motivate, reward, and develop talent based on performance while aligning with business priorities.

Know who’s at risk of leaving

Workday provides insight into retention risk trends across your organisation so you can retain top performers.

  • See which employees are likely to leave within the next year.
  • Mitigate turnover with system‐generated career recommendations.
  • Understand the potential financial impact of losing top performers.
  • Discover your organisation’s unique retention risk factors through automated, historical analysis of employees who have left voluntarily.
  • Get instant insight into the job families that have the highest percentage of high‐risk top performers.

Create a plan for the future

Workday Succession Planning allows you to build, manage, and evaluate succession plans for any essential jobs in your organisation.

  • Prepare for the future by anticipating critical leadership gaps.
  • Identify, compare, and develop qualified successors across teams, organisations, and borders.
  • Monitor successor readiness, flight risk, and the overall health of the succession pipeline.

Inspire your employees to discover what’s next

Workday Career and Development Planning empowers your people with the tools they need to grow their careers.

  • Highlight key competencies, past experience, completed training, and career aspirations in an individual profile.
  • Enable managers and employees to collaborate on competency-based development plans.
  • Ensure that high-potential employees, including those on succession plans, are progressing through their development plans.
  • Allow employees to specify job interests and see matching open jobs.
  • Give employees visibility into the requirements of jobs they like, so they can identify the next steps to advance their career.

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