Simplify your internal supply chain.

Workday Inventory addresses the internal inventory management needs of today’s businesses. When used with Workday Procurement, it allows you to manage the acquisition and flow of goods across your internal supply chain. The result? Decreased costs, optimised stock levels, and better growth.

Perform physical inventory counts and record adjustments directly from your mobile device.

Define par locations to easily stock, replenish, and count par inventory.

Make transactions easier while reducing the risk of errors with barcode scanning and numerical keypads.

Take stock of your inventory.

Store, track, and replenish inventory items using one inventory management system.

  • Define and place inventory in locations based on usage type.
  • Receive and track items under lot and/or serial control.
  • Generate stock requests by requisition sourcing, web service, and more.
  • Quickly create a pick-list, pull inventory, or create a shipment.
  • Automate replenishment with an auto-purchase requisition or stock transfer request.


Count on a simpler way.

Count items on a predefined basis and reconcile inventory levels based on counts. Workday Inventory also supports par inventory to manage and maintain items in each par location.

  • Define attributes across procurement and inventory using a single item master.
  • Assign and manage different units of measure for ordering and stocking.
  • Create reorder points to replenish stock automatically.
  • Perform physical and cycle inventory counts and adjust records accordingly.
  • Issue comparable items when a requested item is out of stock.

Account for everything.

Workday Inventory provides insight into all transactions and associated business dimensions to help drive down costs.

  • See how inventory impacts your bottom line with adjustment transaction value reports.
  • Identify leading causes of inventory adjustments and take direct action.
  • View inventory cost by spend category to understand what’s being consumed.


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