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Workday for Shangri-La:
You Deserve More

Many of the world’s leading hospitality companies use Workday.
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In recent years, the hospitality business model has changed rapidly in response to evolving customer needs and economic uncertainties.

Moving away from an asset-intensive model and focusing investments on adjacent markets are some of the ways to stay ahead of competition.

Complementing these shifts are digital transformation that focuses on streamlining business operations, building 360-degree customer insights, and enhancing analytical capabilities to drive greater customer experience and brand loyalty.

Companies such as IHG, Belmond, and Barrier have embarked on an accelerated digital journey with Workday to drive more value from their human and financial capital.

With a single system for managing the workforce and finance across business segments and geographies, Workday enables you to:

  • Streamline the end-to-end employee lifecycle to help drive strategic hiring, development, and retention
  • Respond to accounting and financial queries quickly to speed up executives’ ability to make critical decisions
  • Provide insights across people, financial, and operational data that can be consumed anytime and anywhere from mobile devices
  • Support rapid scalability as you look to expand your development portfolio to capture expected growth opportunities
  • Free up employees’ time from administrative tasks so they can focus on higher-value activities

A single system so you can pivot fast.

With a single finance and HR system from Workday, you can efficiently manage your workforce and respond faster to change, freeing up time to focus on the needs of your guests.


Improve management insights to drive better decisions.

With financial and people data in one place, Workday enables cross functional teams in your managed and owned hotels to collaborate and build new lens into the business through multi-dimensional reporting.

Accelerate organization and workforce agility.

With more accurate and connected data, Workday enables your business to respond swiftly to unanticipated events and reallocate resources quickly to where it is needed most.

Improve ability to scale as your brand portfolio expands.

Design and configure repeatable processes and rules using Workday’s Business Process Framework to support expansion and help maintain brand service standards.


The world’s leading organizations trust Workday as their enterprise cloud suite, supporting breakthrough results in finance and HR across a wide range of challenges and industries.

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