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Innovation for your industry.

Built from the cloud up, Workday is equipped to grow, change, and evolve with your organization to meet the unique needs of your industry. By taking advantage of the most innovative technologies, Workday solves many of the problems that plague traditional ERP systems.


Gain visibility, improve efficiency, and drive engagement. With Workday, your communications organization can stay ahead of the curve.

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Financial Services

A single, secure system from Workday gives financial services firms the ability to stay current with evolving regulatory requirements, minimize risk, improve operational efficiency, and drive growth.

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Workday gives healthcare providers the tools to adapt to reform-driven changes and new business models, improve operations, and cultivate the right talent to provide superior patient care.

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Workday provides solutions that help hotels, casinos, restaurants, and other hospitality organizations adapt to change, recruit rapidly, improve operational efficiency, and cultivate the right talent to provide excellent guest service.

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Workday gives insurance carriers the ability to transform their businesses—from the front office to the back office. With Workday, insurers can attract and retain key talent, flatten cost structures and streamline operations, and improve organizational agility.

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Workday allows you to refocus resources on strategic, revenue-generating activities rather than IT upgrades for back-office systems. With Workday, manufacturers optimize their global workforce and avoid the hassles of expensive upgrades.

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Media and Entertainment

With Workday, you get a single technology platform to manage your entire media and entertainment organization, which gives you the insights needed to help the business adapt to change.

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Workday enables nonprofit organizations to adapt quickly to change, operate more efficiently and transparently, and better manage their human resources so they can focus on furthering their unique mission.

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Professional and Business Services

Workday is designed to help people-based organizations engage and retain their workforce, drive greater profitability, ensure superior customer service, and foster innovation.

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Workday helps retailers manage their rapidly changing workforce and gain a real-time, consolidated view of operations and performance across store locations.

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Workday gives technology companies the ability to increase efficiency, adapt to change (including new regulatory standards like IFRS 15), and improve visibility into their high-growth enterprises.

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