Workday and South China Morning Post

South China Morning Post (SCMP) is a leading global news company that has reported on China and Asia for more than a century. Founded in 1903, SCMP is headquartered in Hong Kong, where it is the city’s newspaper of record, with a growing correspondent staff across Asia and the United States.

Workday products: Human Capital Management


Our journalists are always out and about covering events across the world. The Workday tools, available anywhere and anytime, really help with people management. We can also get instant feedback in real time, so it’s really very helpful.

Mildred AuYeung

SVP, People

  • Multiple, siloed legacy systems running on a defunct database and programming language were incompatible with browsers and unable to support the growing company’s rapidly changing needs

  • Poor user experience 

  • Difficulty in getting necessary insights for making real-time decisions from employee data

  • Manual processes, inconsistency, and duplication of work
  • Single source of truth for employee data, improving efficiency, visibility, and reporting

  • Greatly reduced administrative workload, saving on costs previously spent on HR tools and system modifications 

  • Configurable workflows to specific needs 

  • Data-based reports for improved decision-making

  • User-friendly interface for an enhanced user experience

  • Improved absence management 

  • Ability to manage people and data anywhere via mobile devices