I get real-time information through Workday. You can’t imagine how powerful the tool is in helping us define our goals as a company.

Sheena Ponnappan

Chief People Officer

  • No single source of data across different companies and market cultures

  • No access to real-time workforce reports

  • Disconnected legacy systems that couldn’t support growth and compliance across markets 

  • Inaccurate data, resulting in difficult reporting and analytics processes

  • Real-time reports on hiring and rates of churn

  • Tools for managing hiring practices from interviews to job offers

  • A complete view of the employee lifecycle from hiring to exit

  • A knowledgebase for building training and retention programs

  • Better ability to grow and scale the business

  • Ability to introduce dynamic staffing models 

  • Ability to refocus on strategic HR goals

  • Strategies for managing a home-based workforce

  • Ability to manage each market’s distinct compliance and labor laws

  • Seamless automation across most parts of the employee lifecycle

  • Eliminated delays to time clock data