Workday and ChristianaCare

ChristianaCare's mission is to serve its neighbors as expert, caring partners in their health. The organization does this by creating innovative, effective, and affordable systems of care that its neighbors value. This is ChristianaCare’s promise to you. It’s called The ChristianaCare Way.

ChristianaCare has the most advanced healthcare technology available to help meet your needs. But more important than the technology is its commitment to partner with you to meet your individual needs. The company wants to care for you and help you live the healthy life you want to live.

I keep saying the adaptability of Workday Adaptive Planning is amazing.


Kevin Kain

Director of Financial Planning and Operational Analysis

CFO Rob McMurray shares how choosing Workday Human Capital Management and Workday Financial Management enabled ChristianaCare to provide more value to its patients.

Workday Financial Management is very unique; it’s designed to provide insight into the business. The end user can get value out of a core financial product.

Rob McMurray