Workday and California College of the Arts

California College of the Arts educates students to shape culture and society through the practice and critical study of art, architecture, design, and writing. Benefitting from its San Francisco Bay Area location, the college prepares students for lifelong creative work by cultivating innovation, community engagement, and social and environmental responsibility.

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Our faculty, staff, and prospective students have high expectations. What they want to see is something that is much more modern and flexible. And that is what Workday gives us.

Mara Hancock


  • Outdated administrative software with a user experience that didn’t reflect the art college’s values.
  • Limited access and insight into accurate employee data and company-wide talent.
  • Disparate HR and payroll systems with error-prone spreadsheets and time-consuming, manual paper-based processes.
  • Complex upgrades involving downtime, high costs, and difficult customizations.
  • Increased employee productivity.
  • Greater visibility into HR data.
  • Improved reporting abilities for more-effective management.
  • Continuously updated software without costly upgrades.