Workday and Bangchak

Bangchak is one of Thailand’s energy leaders that operates in tandem with socio-environmental responsibility. Its core business is petroleum refining to produce high-standard products from domestic and international sources. With a capacity of 120,000 barrels per day, Bangchak produces and distributes its products through more than 1,100 service stations nationwide. It has expanded its businesses to oil trading, green power, bio-based products, natural resources, and business development.

Our CEO had the vision that HR needed to change to inspire our people to be ready for digital transformation. By using a cloud-based HR system like Workday, we are in a good position to adapt to constant changes within HR, such as the COVID-19 crisis.

Noppachai Nutsati

VP of HR Management

  • Overlapping systems with conflicting interfaces resulted in frequent bugs that were difficult to trace and fix

  • The chain of execution was long and complex, so even simple requests took days to complete

  • Generating reports took a lot of time and money

  • The employee experience wasn’t smooth

  • No self-service; everyone was heavily dependent on the HR team

  • Refinery workers had to come on-site to check payslips or apply for leave

  • Seamless employee experience from hiring to career development

  • A user-friendly console for report generation and configuration

  • Flexibility to access data from mobile devices or home offices

  • Minimal cost and complexity with a standardized, single-vendor system

  • 95 percent mobile adoption rate and 100 percent PC adoption rate with Workday

  • Improved communication and accelerated self-driven career advancement

  • Reduced time required needed to make major changes in the system from five days to two