NortonLifeLock empowers HR and IT to focus on strategic priorities.

With a cloud-first IT strategy, NortonLifeLock teams improved productivity, freeing up time for finance, HR, and IT to create strategic value for the company.

Enabled innovation and faster rollout of new services

Lowered total cost of ownership

Increased workforce productivity

Gained more  visibility into workforce and company performance

As a global leader in consumer Cyber Safety with decades of experience in cybersecurity and identity theft protection, NortonLifeLock has long placed an emphasis on effective and innovative technology.

When NortonLifeLock started looking into updating its IT infrastructure leadership declared a “Cloud First” IT strategy, which requires the company’s IT organization to look first to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings when they are evaluating new products and services. That’s what led the company to Workday, with its modern approach to enterprise software built from the ground up for the cloud. Company leaders appreciated the cost savings, efficiency, and how IT and financial resources were freed up for other strategic work.

As a global consumer cybersecurity company with 2,500 employees in nearly 30 countries, NortonLifeLock faces an increasingly complex and fast-paced business landscape. This environment requires NortonLifeLock to find ways to make the business more agile with technology. NortonLifeLock’s previous strategy of on-premise solutions required significant up-front investment, a major allocation of resources, ongoing maintenance, and challenges in keeping the technology current. 

The move to the cloud has been received positively at all levels of leadership.

Empowering innovation.

NortonLifeLock’s on-premise HR solution had become antiquated when the company began to search for a new way. The company was looking for the next generation solution, one that would provide global workforce management, self-service, talent management, and compensation management. NortonLifeLock was also looking for increased employee productivity and a reduced total cost of ownership. Additionally, because of its Cloud First strategy, the company was looking at SaaS solutions.

Workday rose to the top as a leader in innovation. NortonLifeLock appreciated that Workday would cover their human capital management (HCM) system with cutting-edge self-service capabilities. This was a substantial improvement over their previous on-premise solution. With the Cloud First approach and Workday, they have empowered employees and managers to do things themselves instead of always turning to IT or HR. In turn, this allowed HR and IT to focus on other strategic priorities.

Resources before and after.

NortonLifeLock has been especially pleased with their ability, after the Workday launch, to redeploy IT resources elsewhere in the company where they have additional strategic value. Instead of a large team dedicated to support and maintenance, they could direct those resources to strategic projects that drive revenue or engage with customers.

They also enjoy seeing the engagement of their business users. Employees at all levels understand the system, control the configuration, and engage in a partnership with IT. In particular, people managers are provided information about their team electronically—there is no need to call a shared services center or raise a ticket with HR. When the transactional capabilities are up to the end user, HR resources are optimized to provide high-value strategic inputs.

NortonLifeLock has also been impressed with the protection Workday offers for its sensitive HR data. Security is an integral part of their business model, and Workday was proactive about providing third-party audits and certifications. Workday satisfied NortonLifeLock’s global regulatory requirements for system availability, security, and data loss prevention. Additionally, Workday already had a plan for disaster recovery.

Visibility drives performance.

NortonLifeLock is leveraging Workday HCM for global workforce management, talent management, recruitment, on-boarding, and off-boarding.

Workday’s unified platform provides visibility into the data and insights that empower NortonLifeLock to analyze the success of key talent policies like pay for performance. Not only are they able to calibrate compensation to performance, but now they get more visibility into the outcomes of that policy.

The bottom line for NortonLifeLock? Financial and human resources have been freed up to drive strategic value for the company. The employees, leaders, and shareholders all benefit.

In November 2019, Symantec Enterprise Security assets and the Symantec brand were sold to Broadcom Inc. and are now a division of Broadcom Inc. Symantec Corporation and its related Consumer Division (Norton and LifeLock) are now NortonLifeLock Inc.—a global leader in Cyber Safety.

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