Returning to the workplace.

Bringing employees back to the workplace safely requires resilience, adaptability and reinvention. Which is exactly why we built Workday.

If you’re ready to reopen your offices, facilities or storefronts, Workday is here to help.

A guide to reopening.

Workday is designed to help organisations plan, execute and analyse in a single system – so they’re better prepared to adapt to the needs of a changing world. And wow, has the world ever changed this year.

Inspired by what we’ve heard from our customers and our own use of Workday, we’ve put together this guidance to show how our products and solutions can help you confidently navigate the months ahead and safely return your people to the workplace.

Gain the insight you need to return safely.

By combining your workforce data with timely external health data in Workday, you’re able to monitor the health and well-being of your workforce, see who is ready to return to the workplace and bring your people back to work in the safest way possible.

Combine external and workforce data to analyse risk.
View real-time readiness data by several dimensions.
Create a phased approach for returning people to workplaces.

Build a more adaptable, resilient organisation.

As you reopen, you need to be able to adjust your processes, implement policies, train your people and create new programmes fast. Workday can help you analyse and pivot, so that you’re ready to return to the workplace and meet new business demands.

Assemble support teams to help reopen workplaces.
Reskill workers to adapt to changing work requirements.
Use skills insights to find and onboard essential talent.

Support the health and well-being of your people.

Workday is designed to help your people stay informed, engaged and supported in this new world of work, whether they are continuing to work remotely or getting ready to go back to work.

Connect people to the resources and answers they need.
See how your workforce is doing with pulse surveys.
Provide personalised learning experiences based on feedback.

Guidance for the days ahead.

Guides for our customers.

To help our customers address their needs for reopening, we’re providing step-by-step configuration guides and on-demand webinars. If you’re a customer, sign in to Workday Community to access the guides.

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Webinar on returning to work.

Are you preparing to bring your employees back to the workplace? Watch our webinar, moderated by Workday HR leaders, for practical guidance on how to plan a safe and efficient return to work.

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Resources for navigating COVID-19.

From keeping your business going to planning for what’s ahead, there’s a lot for you to consider. To support you in navigating the challenges of COVID-19, we’ve gathered resources full of practical tips and insights.

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Inspired by our community.

Our customers and partners have shown great resilience and ingenuity during this crisis by adapting to what their employees, customers and communities need. It hasn’t been easy, and we’re proud and humbled to be at their side on this journey.

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