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Go full speed ahead.

Don’t let yesterday’s systems hold you back. With one system for finance, analytics, and HR, you gain the insight to make better decisions, the agility to pivot and scale, and the clarity to guide your business.

Say goodbye to compromise.

Workday gives you global visibility, streamlines business processes, and provides a flexible framework – so you can take care of business on your terms.

The big data revolution.

Big data can bring big changes to your organisation, transforming everything from how you lead to the way your people work.

Welcome change.

Reorg on the fly, adapt to new regulations, and weather any disruptive storm.

How your personality shapes your business.

Discover your entrepreneurial personality to improve your odds of success.

Access unlimited innovation.

Seamlessly keep your organisation up to date and evolve your business with the Power of One. See how Workday makes it possible.

I now have the ability to go to a transactional-level tool that's able to provide analytics.

Laurie Meissner

SVP, Global Controller, Aon