Workday Labs

Creating the future.

It’s not about the technology we make – it’s about what that technology makes happen. Workday Labs is focused on our core value of innovation with the goal of always providing our customers with a view of the future. By fostering creativity, building new knowledge, and developing prototypes, we aim to support innovation through the use of emerging technologies and their enhancement to the Workday customer experience. We also give back to the community through open source initiatives and partnerships with non-profits that help make our world safer and smarter.

Of course, not all emerging technologies will provide value, but exploring ideas – even crazy ones – is essential to finding those that will benefit our customers. Workday is leaning into the future, and our future looks bright.

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Don't wait for the future. Invent it.



We collaborate with our customers on ideas and solve problems through innovation. Customers can contribute and share their use cases with us through Workday Community, and then we’ll spin it up, grow it, and help shape the future of work. And we iterate rapidly to ensure customers’ needs are met.

Research and Projects

We empathise with our customers about the challenges they experience, and want to hear from them. Our research philosophy is to start with the person using Workday and investigate how a new technology can give them a better, more efficient and productive experience.

We can’t talk about everything we’re incubating in Workday Labs, but as interesting projects grow, we’ll share them here. Stay tuned.

Giving Back

Workday Labs is about more than advancing products and technology; it’s about giving back. We contribute to open source technology, and we volunteer our time and resources to non-profits.