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The office of finance needs to accelerate digital finance initiatives to achieve efficiencies and top-line growth. Explore the Workday Enterprise Management Cloud to learn how we help you run at a higher speed, safely.

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Agility and smart decision-making for finance

Digital Acceleration 

If your data is in silos, you simply can’t respond quickly to change. Our solutions for the office of the CFO allow you to account, consolidate, report, analyse and plan more effectively in one system so you can pivot faster.

Finance-owned data model

How do you make the most of your data? Our intelligent data core empowers your finance team to report on data from multiple sources, resulting in faster time from insight to action for both executives and frontline decision-makers.

Finance process automation

Workday sets a new standard for efficiency. By embedding machine learning in finance processes to detect anomalies, identify exceptions and make recommendations, your team can focus their time on strategic decision support.

Continuous, company-wide planning

To be agile, you need to see what’s happening now and forecast what’s next. With scenario modelling based on up-to-the-minute data, Workday enables continuous planning across the enterprise as market conditions change.

ESG and sustainability 

Investors expect companies to take the long view towards creating resilient, sustainable business models for a rapidly changing world. Explore how Workday can help you meet growing regulatory and investor expectations.

One suite that’s designed for change.

Business today changes fast. But by bringing finance, HR, planning and analytics together, you gain the agility you need to move forward.


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