Assess the Business Impact of SaaS on Multi-Country Payroll

A new briefing paper published by Webster Buchanan Research examines the evolution of SaaS in multi-country payroll. It explains the business implications of different approaches and explores the benefits and concerns. It then examines the potential impact of newer, cloud-based integration techniques on the global strategies of companies.

  • Cloud-based integration may reduce the cost of conventional integration, making it easier for companies to link new and existing software systems and outsourced services.
  • Organisations may have greater choice and flexibility in the way they approach international payroll operations. The ultimate goal is to sign up a single global payroll provider, but that is beyond the reach of many large companies today. Cloud-based integration makes it easier for companies to take a pragmatic “mix-and-match‟ approach and work with a small number of different providers.
  • Improved integration enables organisations to achieve greater visibility into their international operations, one of the core business goals of multi-country payroll.
  • The impact of these integration techniques extends beyond payroll processing to payroll preparation (build-to-gross) and across the HR environment.
  • Cloud-based integration techniques are relatively unproven in the multi-country payroll field today. The experiences of early adopters, such as organisations like Fairchild Semiconductor, will be significant going forward.


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