Workday and Bill Gosling Outsourcing

Bill Gosling Outsourcing is a multinational service provider of complete contact centre solutions with operations in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines. A proud, Canadian-owned organisation for nearly 60 years, Bill Gosling Outsourcing employs 1,700 people. Call centre services include accounts receivable management, customer care, welcome calls, originations, and more.

Workday has impacted the way our business operates, so much so that it now contributes to our strategy going forward as it relates to growth, expansion, and new opportunities for our clients and employees.

David Rae


  • Limited access to critical information for managers and employees.
  • Decisions based on incomplete or untimely data.
  • Slow, wasteful, paper-based systems.
  • Support staff mired in unprofitable transactional work.
  • A single, accurate view of relevant information for better decision-making.
  • Consistent global numbers and global approaches.
  • Reduced turnover and lower staffing costs.
  • Simplified chart of accounts and faster closing and year-end audits.
  • Improved employee engagement and autonomy.

See the infographic to learn how Bill Gosling Outsourcing has benefited from Workday.