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Workday Elevate Digital Experience


Join us for Workday Elevate Digital Experience and get inspired by content you can’t find anywhere else. Learn more about today’s pressing business trends, see our products in action, and hear first-hand how our customers are rising to today’s challenges with confidence.

Whether you’re just starting to explore Workday, or are a customer interested in discovering more about our finance, HR and planning applications, see how partnering with us can help you navigate change and keep your business moving forward.

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Featured Speakers


Leighanne Levensaler
EVP Corporate Strategy & Managing Director, Co-Head Workday Ventures

Leighanne Levensaler is EVP Corporate Strategy & Managing Director, Co-Head Workday Ventures at Workday. In this role, Leighanne is focused on defining long-term growth plans in ways that help build the Workday brand and create customer demand in markets around the world. Leighanne brings more than 20 years of experience and an exceptional level of expertise in technology and business to her role.



Robert Bloor
Group Financial Controller
Equiniti Group plc

Robert joined Equiniti in early 2011 as Group Financial Controller, with a six-month period covering the CFO role in 2013. Responsible for all statutory accounting and tax matters, finance and payroll operations, he worked through several complex refinancings and a listing in 2015. Robert implemented Workday and Apttus in a $125m revenue carve-out acquisition in the US in 2018. This paved the way for a global full-platform Workday implementation that concluded in April 2020 for all 5,000 EQ colleagues. This has enabled the final part of the transformation journey, which will move Finance and People Services Operations to a Global Business Services model for the Group, which will be in place in Q3 2020.



Lesley Ballantyne
Director of People Operations
John Lewis Partnership

Lesley has worked for the John Lewis Partnership for her career. She held various roles in John Lewis department stores latterly as Managing Director of the Glasgow branch. She headed up operational development for John Lewis department stores, with responsibility for developing and optimising the department store operating model. Lesley moved to HR in 2012 and has held various leadership roles in specialist areas such as performance management and reward. Lesley is currently responsible for the John Lewis Partnership People Operations team across the hire to retire services. She is the business sponsor for implementing Workday and is a visiting Professor of Retail at Glasgow Caledonian University




A look at the day

Welcome to Workday Elevate Digital Experience!

First off, we have an introduction from our country leader, Peter Gamble, who will say a few words and help you navigate what we hope will be an enjoyable, informative and useful experience.

Workday Elevate Digital Experience opening keynote

Following the welcome, Workday EVP Corporate Strategy & Managing Director, Co-Head Workday Ventures, Leighanne Levensaler, will share her insights on building resilience to take on a changing world. You don’t want to miss it.

Workday Live Customer Panel

As we navigate to a ‘new normal’, how have Workday customers responded to these challenges and managed change? This live panel provides the opportunity to hear how these organisations have channelled ingenuity and innovation during these unprecedented times, and why they chose Workday.

Workday solution sessions on demand

We have a variety of on-demand sessions that cover a range of topics including innovation, remote work, procurement and more.


  • Financial Management
Financial Management
The changing world of finance: Navigating during uncertain times

The accelerated pace of technology innovation and access to unprecedented amounts of data is changing how finance operates. So how can finance teams thrive while embracing this change during uncertain times? This session explores the Workday vision for finance, and how our single system is uniquely equipped to deliver continuous innovation and support the digital enterprise.

A better future for accounting: Introduction to Workday Financial Management

Have you ever wondered why accounting offices view those non-stop 12-hour days at month end as the norm? It doesn’t have to be that way. We believe challenging this status quo requires a different approach and a new foundation. Join this session to see how Workday Financial Management is designed to eliminate problems that legacy ERP systems have been causing for decades – including those 12-hour days. Get a glimpse into the innovative Workday foundation and the breadth of processes and accounting standards it supports to build a better future for accounting.

Finance: How to leverage planning and high-volume data to become a stronger partner to the business

For finance leaders, becoming a better partner to the business often comes down to delivering fresh insights and dynamically adapting plans as business conditions change. This session explores how finance teams can use Workday to dig deeper into operational and financial data, then run ‘what if?’ scenarios to uncover new insights for better decision-making. Learn how finance can apply best practices to better support strategic initiatives across the enterprise



  • HCM
Seeing value on day one: How to successfully deploy Workday in a large enterprise

What makes Workday deployments different for the large enterprise? This session takes you through the deployment process, much of which can be performed virtually. We also discuss how Workday helps set the stage for your own success. Learn how companies similar to yours have smoothly transitioned to the cloud and the value they’ve realised through continuous Workday innovation.

Get up and running: Going live for the medium enterprise

How does Workday take the risk, fear and guesswork out of deployment for growing businesses? We drew from the experiences of hundreds of successful medium enterprise deployments – often performed virtually – to create fixed-scope packages that can get you live on a predictable timeline. This session explores how Workday helps you prepare for success during your deployment and beyond, and why a preconfigured tenant can help you make better business decisions.

Where do customers realise value? And how can you leverage this in your case for change?

In this session, we explore how Workday drives business value across the digital back office, and review real-life examples of value realised by a selection of our customers. We will also briefly cover how you can leverage concepts and frameworks on value to create a compelling case for change.



  • HCM
The changing world of HR: Managing a fluid workforce

Technology has enabled changes in work, the workforce and the workplace. As a result, HR leadership is challenged to manage a more fluid, dynamic and often remote workforce. This means a shift to decisions based on insight into needed skills, mobile communications and personalised experiences to improve productivity. Join this session to learn about key trends, and how Workday is helping customers adapt to the changing world of HR.

Accelerating virtual learning in a changing world of work

As businesses around the world transform their workplace learning from in-person to virtual, organisations must quickly pivot to adapt their training initiatives. To do this, business leaders are seeking ways to protect their employees, quickly communicate information to their workforce, adapt learning programmes and delivery, and establish and expand virtual learning. Join this session to learn how Workday enables learning agility in the changing world of work.


Embrace the future: Achieving success in the changing world of HR with Workday Human Capital Management

HR leaders face numerous challenges in today’s changing business world – new technologies such as machine learning, the rise of the gig economy and the need to reskill their workforce to remain competitive. As skills and talent become the new capital, organisations need to succeed, and barriers between people and data dissolve, it’s up to leadership to put the ‘human’ back in HR. This session explores how Workday can help you step into the future with the technology, agility and innovation you need to put your people at the core of HR.


From workforce insights, to decisions and plans for the agile business

Making strategic decisions about your workforce requires data you can trust – and lots of it. Workday delivers a full spectrum of workforce planning, reporting and analytics to help you better plan and manage your people for the ever-changing needs of your business. In this session, we explore how Workday helps you gets you the insights you want, but also enables you to act on those insights with agility to better plan scenarios, collaborate with your partners, and determine next steps in a single system.

Connect and engage your people with a reimagined experience

Now more than ever, employee experience is the key to maintaining high engagement and productivity. Join this session to explore how Workday People Experience promotes connection and support for your workforce with personalised and curated experiences – accommodating any work environment or worker type.


Optimising talent and development for a changing world

Optimising talent leads to better business outcomes, and skills are the new paradigm that links worker talent to business strategy. Join this session to learn how the skills foundation in Workday creates a world where you can drive learning, talent mobility and personalised career journeys all within a single system.

Control, flexibility and insight with Workday Payroll for the UK

Having control, flexibility and insight is key to effectively managing payroll and time tracking in good times and bad. Join this session to learn more about Workday Payroll for the UK, and explore our unified process for managing pay and time for better labour cost insights and control. You’ll also learn how we enable compliance changes quickly, and provide an engaging experience for remote workers to track time and view pay information.


How Workday innovation helps transform the way we work

The world of work is constantly changing. And digitally, we’ve seen  innovation that has gradually changed our lives – both at home and at work. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has greatly accelerated the pace of that change, challenging our ability to respond with agility and continue to innovate. But in a time of crisis and response, innovation shouldn’t stop. Join this session to learn more about the Workday approach to innovation, and how it can help organisations become better prepared for the new world of work.

The Workday approach to technology: How it enables organisational agility

Organisational agility is the key to adaptability in an ever-changing world – enabling businesses to quickly respond to unforeseen global events and accelerate digital transformation. Now, more than ever, architecture matters. Join this session to see how our technology foundation brings together an object-based architecture. You’ll see how it’s designed to adopt new technologies seamlessly with one source for data; a single configurable security model; a flexible and durable business process framework; and a foundation for collaboration and insight – setting a new standard in organisational agility.


  • Financial Management
Financial Management
Workday for professional services: How billable services organisations drive success with a single system

The professional services industry is becoming increasingly more complex, and the need for agility is more important than ever. In a new world where employees are remote, projects are delivered virtually, and business models are fluid, technology is vital. Join this session to learn how Workday can help you tackle these challenges with a single system to plan, execute, analyse and drive success for the changing world of professional services.

The changing world of financial services: Improving operational resilience through improved planning and better decision-making

Agility, business continuity and operational resilience are front and centre as banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions adapt to the changing financial services landscape. Join this session to learn how Workday can help you tackle these challenges with a single system to plan, execute, analyse and succeed in the changing world of financial services.

The changing world of retail and hospitality: Responding to disruption

Retail and hospitality companies are facing tremendous change and uncertainty. Organisational agility and the ability to respond rapidly is essential to remain strong and quickly recover from disruption. Learn how the modern cloud technology in Workday helps you manage and optimise a dynamic workforce, plan for the future, support changing business models, and provide real-time insights into people, financial and operational data.

Using technology to be together while apart

The technology and media industry has always been at the forefront of digital transformation – shown in the proliferation of FinTech, telemedicine, online streaming, and more. The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has compelled all industries to rapidly embrace digitalisation and cloud computing, resulting in the tech and media sector’s expansion into other industries to support new ways of working, playing and learning. Join this session to learn about Workday solutions across financial management, planning and analytics that are tailored for the tech and media industry.