Submission guidelines.

Speaking at Workday Rising Europe is a great opportunity to contribute to the power of the community. Your shared ideas and experiences will inspire innovation and make this event valuable for all who attend.

Session topics might include:

  • Introductions to products or specific feature areas
  • Case studies or customer success stories
  • Deep-dives into product features and functions
  • Tips for deployments, integrations, and configurations
  • Best practices
  • Product demos
  • Thought leadership/industry perspectives

Breakout sessions are 1 hour, including 10 to 15 minutes for Q&A. They are geared toward an audience of 60 to 165 people and take place in a room arranged in theatre style.

You may submit more than one session proposal.

Helpful hints.

  • Focus on how your session proposal speaks to the theme of “Go further together” and how your content will empower the entire Workday community.
  • Think about your audience. Why would someone want to hear about this topic? What will they learn? How does it affect them?
  • Stand out from the crowd. How is your experience unique, innovative, and impactful?
  • Share the challenges you have overcome and tangible details about how you achieved success.
  • Entertain with storytelling and support with data.
  • Don’t sell—educate. What will attendees take away and apply in their roles?
  • Organise your thoughts and outline your key points before you start. Proofread your final submission.