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Workday Elevate London

Tuesday 22 May 2018




There’s no better way to learn about the power of Workday than from our customers. And at Workday Elevate, you get the chance to hear their stories.

Join us in London to find out why our customers trust us as their partner, and how we’ve helped leaders like you rise above their biggest challenges and achieve breakthrough success.


Twickenham Stadium
Whitton Rd

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Featured Speakers


Shawn Ramsay

Group Operations Director


Lisa O'Leary

Manager, HR Technology


Helen Gowler

Global Lead: HR Technology


Registration and Continental Breakfast 


Workday Welcome 


Speaker: Carolyn Horne, Regional Vice President, UK, Ireland, and South Africa, Workday

Workday Vision


In this keynote, our leaders share how a single solution across finance, HR and payroll allows you to realise immediate and continuous value for your organisation. Join us to discover how we help our customers embrace the future with boldness and learn about where Workday is headed next.

Presented by: David Sohigian, CTO – EMEA, Workday

Customer Spotlight


At Workday, we believe that when our customers succeed, we do too. It is this belief that has kept our customer satisfaction rating at an industry-leading 95 percent or higher year after year. Join this session to hear one of our customer executives discuss what the Workday ownership experience is like, and how we help customers maximise their investment and business value.

Speaker: Helen Gowler, Global Lead: HR Technology, Avon
Moderated by: Carolyn Horne, Regional Vice President, UK, Ireland, and South Africa, Workday

Workday Discovery Zone


Explore the possibilities for your business in the Workday Discovery Zone. See our products in action, chat with trusted experts, connect with our customer community and find what you need to take the next step on your journey.

Coffee Break 


Workday Product Overview Sessions 


For Finance Leaders: Delivering on the Promise of Finance Transformation – at Last!

Do you ever wonder why a new accounting system doesn’t quite measure up to the promises made? Learn how Workday is different – designed from the beginning to address the challenges of traditional systems. See how our unique data model can support your business and dramatically increase the value your financials system brings to your organisation.

For HR Leaders: Empowering Your Organisation – the Secret to Success

To be successful, organisations need the ability to develop and empower the entire workforce. From mapping the voyage, to executing with precision and course correcting as you go, Workday is there to guide businesses every step of the way. Join this session to learn what to plan for, and how to roll out talent development initiatives and analyse results for continual improvement – all within a single system.

For Payroll Leaders: From Foundational to Aspirational – Taking Payroll Execution and Insight to the Next Level

At their core, all payroll systems exist to do the same thing: calculate net pay. However, payroll doesn’t exist in a vacuum and must rely on input from multiple sources to calculate net pay accurately. This is where Workday Payroll is different by design. By eliminating integrations and bringing Workday Human Capital Management, Workday Time Tracking, Workday Absence Management, and Workday Payroll together in a single system, you get unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Join this session to see how Workday Payroll gives you the control, flexibility, and insight to take your payroll execution to the next level.

Workday Product Overview Sessions 


For IT Leaders: Focus, Adapt, Grow – Open Your Organisation to Technology-Driven Possibilities

To an IT leader, 2018 is looking both enticing and daunting. While we gain benefits from proven advances such as mobile and cloud computing, we struggle with distraction from the hype of early stage technological discontinuities. How does a busy IT leader navigate the net-new while making steady progress toward their core digital business imperatives? The Workday technology platform is fundamentally different by design – agile and adaptive, while trusted and secure. From this foundation, elevate your experience by adding technology advancements, intelligence from machine learning or context from messaging platforms and digital assistants. Join this session to go inside the technologies driving the future of work and learn how Workday can help open your organisation to technology-driven opportunities.    

For Business Leaders: Doing More with Less in a Single System

One common challenge facing companies looking to grow is their reliance on inefficient technologies. Employees are fatigued – feeling the brunt of inefficiency as they struggle with more work, while trying to meet mounting business expectations. Time is lost managing disparate systems, and tasks that should be easily repeatable – such as running payroll, recruiting, onboarding new employees, closing the financial books and completing financial reporting – become a reconciliation nightmare. Join this session to learn how companies are using Workday to end the fatigue of inefficiency. Hear how Workday can bring new order to their businesses and help them to operate from one source of truth, collaborate easily across business units and create an engaged and highly productive workforce. 

Demo: Workday for Mobile 


Experience Workday on your mobile device and get a hands-on understanding of how it can transform the way your organisation works. Use our intuitive interface to access, analyse and act on data in real time. Walk through key scenarios to see for yourself how Workday is different by design. 



Enjoy lunch and lively conversation with our customers, deployment partners and other attendees in the Workday Discovery Zone.

Roundtable Discussions 

Join our customers, deployment partners and industry experts for small group conversations around the topics you care about most.



Moving from Talent Management to Performance Enablement


Creating a culture of security


Driving Business Strategy With Data-Driven Insights (co-hosted with Accenture DayNine)


Gender Pay Gap: Reporting and acting on the results

Retail & Hospitality

Onboarding strategies for the Retail and Hospitality industries

Financial Services

Regulatory Change, Fiscal Policy and the Financial Services and Insurance Industries


How to manage a Finance function in constantly changing Media business  


Shared Services - Helping Finance and HR enable a more powerful, next generation, of operational managers



Driving and Measuring Engagement Throughout Your Organisation (co-hosted with Deloitte)


Applying machine learning for collaboration analysis and better decision making


Evolving Your Finance Talent with Insight and Analytics  


The Future of Payroll: How Machine Learning Can Drive Efficiency  

Professional Services 

Increasing project profit margins by creating visibility and insights (co-hosted with PwC)

Financial Services

Financial Services: Staffing requirements for tomorrow’s financial services and insurance companies


Shared Services - Helping Finance and HR enable a more powerful, next generation, of operational managers


Workday Services Overview Sessions 


Going Live for the Medium Enterprise

Your organisation is unique, and the way you deploy Workday should be as well. This session discusses lessons learned from countless prior deployments to take the risk, fear and guesswork out of yours. Hear how Workday packages are created based on the experiences of other medium enterprises, why a preconfigured tenant helps you make better decisions and how fixed-scope and a predictable timeline get you what you need, as planned. Learn what to expect and how to prepare for deployment, and how the value of your investment continues to grow once you're live on Workday.

How to Successfully Deploy Workday in a Large Enterprise

What makes Workday deployment different in the large enterprise? This session takes you through the deployment process and discusses how to set the stage for your own success. Learn how companies similar to yours have smoothly transitioned, and the benefits they have realised by being part of the continuous innovation with Workday.

Best Practices to Maximise the Value of Your Workday Subscription

As a leader, you are expected to provide tools, processes and resources to help your people adopt, use and enjoy their Workday subscription. But you may not know where to start – maybe you want to be completely self-sufficient, or maybe you’d rather have training and services managed for you. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, Workday can help. This session discusses Workday programmes and service offerings that support you where you are now, and help you grow to your preferred level of self-sufficiency. Come learn about the best practices our successful customers use to maximise the value they get from their Workday subscription.

Coffee Break 


Customer Reference Panel 


If you want to hear an honest perspective on going live with Workday, this is your chance. Join this interactive, closed-door session with two of our customers to hear their stories in a casual group setting without Workday present. Learn about the challenges they faced, why they chose Workday and what they’ve been able to achieve as a result. The session closes with a Q&A. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to talk directly with our customers.

Speaker: Shawn Ramsay, Group Operations Director, Moneysupermarket
Speaker: Lisa O'Leary, Manager, HR Technology, ICON

Workday Closing Remarks 


Networking Reception 


Finish the day with beverages, appetisers and a chance to mingle with Workday customers, employees and partners.

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Participating Partners


Who can attend Workday Elevate?

Workday Elevate is open to invited prospective customers and invited customers.

If you are a Workday prospective customer interested in attending the event, please email the Workday Elevate Registration team.

If you are an analyst, please email the Analyst Relations team with any questions.

If you are a member of the press, please email the Public Relations team with any questions.


Is there a cost to attend Workday Elevate?

No, there is no cost to attend. We’re happy to be your host, and know this will be a worthwhile event. 

When is the deadline to register?

Registration remains open until we are at capacity.

Which meals are hosted by the conference?

The following meals are hosted:

  • Continental breakfast
  • Coffee breaks
  • Lunch
  • Reception with appetisers and beverages
May I bring a guest?

If you’d like to invite additional team members from your organisation, or if you have a colleague outside of your organisation who would benefit from attending Workday Elevate, please feel free to direct them to this event website where they can register.

What if I can no longer attend?

Please return to the registration page and enter your name and confirmation number to cancel your registration or email the Workday Elevate Registration team.

I’m driving – where should I park?

Parking is available in the Main Car Park, which is accessible via the entrance on Rugby Road.

Are parking fees covered?

Parking fees are the responsibility of the guest. Workday encourages ride sharing or utilizing public transportation, where available.    

How do I get there by public transport?

Twickenham rail station is a 15-minute walk from the stadium. We will be running a shuttle bus between the station and the venue before registration and at the end of the day.

Where is registration located?

Registration is located in the Live Room Foyer, situated at number 1, on the Stadium Map.