Put all your data to work.

Intuitively prepare and blend any data for financial and HR analysis. Workday enables your organisation to spend less time processing data and more time making strategic decisions.

Data preparation that leads to deeper insight.

Use parse, join, union, and group features for data transformation.

Quickly visualise trends at a glance.

Get a tabular preview of the data as it’s prepared.

Turn raw data into meaningful insights.

With Workday Prism Analytics, data transformation and blending is easy. We enable you to quickly and intuitively transform data from any source and blend it in a single pipeline for analysis.

  • Use drop-down menus to parse data from raw to tabular format.
  • Preview your data so you always get what you expect.
  • Visualise any dimension with data profiling.
  • Summarise data and build nested aggregations with point-and-click group by functions.
  • Blend data using join and union functions, and preview results.
  • Use a robust and familiar function library to create categorical variables, formatting changes, and more.